Nikki is a San Diego native who splits her time between San Francisco and Nantucket. A kid at heart and an avid explorer, Nikki loves bright splashes of color, bold patterns, and the beauty of the world around her.
She received her Master’s in Education from Stanford University and has taught students ranging from preschoolers in Japan to fifth graders in Palo Alto.  Watching children at play, she wanted to bottle all of the imagination, carefree whim, and pure joy that they relished in, but that the grown-ups she encountered so often had lost. Her portfolio is a tribute to that bottle, and to letting all of its goodness spill out on blank pages.
Nikki most recently worked in advertising and marketing at a tech company, where she — and her artistic pursuits — were cooped up in a cubicle for too long.  So she decided to dedicate her time to education and the arts, and to no longer let her inner child hide in a shadow. These days, she’s letting that child stomp around in rainbow-colored puddles and shimmy in sea-scented sunshine.